One giant sized boot, a bendy foot and a finely crafted brouge…

On Monday, while poet Panya Banjoko and I were scouting for the perfect quirky location for a spoken work open mic event , we stumbled across a suited burly Northern man and an artistic-looking-red-haired lady grappling with a 5ft-odd leather boot- big enough to house pocket sized Panya .

‘That’s just my size’ I declare to the man and woman who greet my comment with a cheeky grin, the burly man say’s ‘No it’s not, but this one is…’ and brandishes a finely crafted black shiny brogue shoe from out of his satchel ‘…go on then, try it on’ he dares. So I do. The shoe looks narrow so I’m sceptical about his claims about it being a perfect fit, but an game for a laugh so unzip my chunky military boot in exchange for this dapper looking brogue. The suited burly man was right, a perfect fit. I felt like Cinderella!

After a meandering conversation with the suited burly man and the artistic looking red haired woman I discover that he is Peter Bullock a purveyor of fine shoes, a boxing trainer and a film maker, the lady is Sarah Davenport of The Davenport Artisan Agency. Peter who also turns out to be a top bloke and an interesting character, is launching a fantastic new line of fine bespoke shoes for ladies and has a chain outlets one being in Nottingham centre next door but one to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant. (Ladies do check out Peters shoes “Fine Shoes By Peter Bullock’ they are exquisite and beautifully crafted)
After a spout of dancing and shadow boxing in the beautiful brogues’, Peter asks if I would be interested in doing a photo shoot modelling his shoes. I made a promise to myself earlier this year to grab hold of new opportunities, so I took up the offer for a new experience. Not one to fanny about Sarah arranged the photo-shoot for the next day with photographer Nick. I had the most tremendous day, dancing, contorting my legs and posing in Peters shoes- I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When I was born my Mum thought that my skinny ankles were broken because of the peculiar way my feet dangled from them. To this day my right foot bends to the left and I’m able to do all sorts of weird contortions with it. As a child I had to wear special shoes in an attempt to straighten my feet, but like the rest of me my feet are stubborn and instead of the shoes straightening my feet, my feet bent the shoes! And here I am modelling shoes- my bendy feet actually added some dimension and quirk! Look out for the photos-coming soon

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